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1 cup sugar
1 cup milk
4 cups water
grated peel of 1 lemon (pref. organic)
1 cup semolina flour
raspberries or other berries

Mix sugar, milk, water and lemon peel in a pot or big saucepan. Heat until just about to boil, then gradually sprinkle in semolina flour, whisking the whole time to prevent lumps from forming. Allow mixture to thicken considerably. Remove from heat and pour into bowl, mold, or cupcake pan. Refrigerate for at least two hours. Pudding should be somewhat firmer than chocolate pudding, but less firm than jello.

When ready to serve, unmold pudding or leave in bowl and sprinkle with cinnamon. Top with raspberries or other fruit. Sugared raspberries are particularly nice when a little bit of sauce is formed and can be poured over the pudding.

The pudding has a texture that is somehow both agreeably grainy and smooth and is very cooling in the summertime. You can vary the milk:water ratio in the recipe, even to the point of omitting one or the other entirely.

(thanks to puddingmeister Deb for the recipe)


Ann Arbor’s Wooden Spoon bookstore

Ann Arbor's Wooden Spoon bookstore has changed hands and is now a cooperative:

Monday night in a meeting at the Wooden Spoon Bookstore, a collective of about 18 people bought the Wooden Spoon from Richard Wunsch to make it a vibrant cooperative community space for meetings, fundraisers, gatherings, and of course, selling books. A full membership is $200 and a supportive membership is $25. For one week there is a matching grant for anybody who joins and the money put in will be doubled. We need you now!

A group of committed individuals have purchased full memberships, and about 30 more have become supporting members, so this is your chance. There is already a great group of people involved so we hope that you will join too. The time is now. Please think about it. The next meeting is Monday at 8 PM at the Wooden Spoon but you are welcome to drop by at any time.

Odile and Julie

The space they're in on Fourth Ave. (the old Joe's Bar) is rented to them by landlords who were not renewing the original bookstore's rent, not clear that this change of ownership gives them any extended tenure in the space.

(thanks mj)

Adina quotes “Ducky’s laws of e-mail”

Adina quotes "Ducky's laws of e-mail", which comes from the discussion forums on Mitch Kapor's new Chandler PIM project. Rule #2 – People want to be able to see all their "to-do" messages — ones that they need to read, respond to, or act upon — easily. – boils down to: e-mail gets used as a surrogate for a todo list.

My biggest problem with that is for all of the things that I want to do quite independently from anyone in e-mail land prompting me to do them – should I send an e-mail to myself reminding myself of tasks to be done, and then do them that way? So puzzling to try to negotiate the combination of "things to remember to do on the way to town" vs. "projects that require computing to get done". Why not instead use the physical world around me – the piles of stuff around my desk, the look on my two-year-old's face, the color of the sky outside — to drive the inevitable question of what to do next?