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Thousands of feet below you

Thousands of feet below you

by Alice Walker


Thousands of feet

Below you

There is a small


Running from

Your bombs.

If he were

To show up

At your mother's


On a green

Sea island

Off the coast

Of Georgia

He'd be invited in

For dinner.

Now, driven,

You have shattered

His bones.

He lies steaming

In the desert

In fifty or sixty

Or maybe one hundred

Oily, slimy


If you survive

& return

To your island


& your mother's



Where the cup

Of lovingkindness


The brim


>From which

No one

In memory

Was ever


Gather yourself.

Set a place

For him.

(from Absolute Trust in the Goodness of the Earth: New Poems)

Listen to an interview with Alice Walker on the Leonard Lopate show, WNYC.


Valdis Krebs has a new

Valdis Krebs has a new description of a project he did on e-mail based collaboration in an organization. Discovering social networks and communities in email flows showed how a network map exposed cliquish behavior between groups which led to inefficient communications and project problems.

True Professionalism by David H.

True Professionalism by David H. Maister

What kind of service provider are you? Maister divides the world into four quadrants – nurses, psychotherapists, pharmacists, and brain surgeons, and notes the different strategies each takes depending on whether they do standard or custom work and whether or not there's a high degree of client contact.

This is a work aimed at partners in law firms managing their practice, though it's more generally for professional service firms figuring out how and where to make best their niche.

Originally recommended by Jeff Ubois.

Who is James R. Bath?

Who is James R. Bath?

A nodal point in Mark Lombardi's drawing George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens c. 1979-90, 5th Version, 1999, James R. Bath appears in the upper lefthand corner of the 16 1/2" x 41" piece of paper. The spatial syntax of Lombardi's drawings—which map in elegantly visual terms the secret deals and suspect associations of financiers, politicians, corporations, and governments—dictates that the more densely lines ray out from a given node, the more deeply that figure is embroiled in the tale Lombardi tells. Thirteen lines originate with or point to James R. Bath, more than any other name presented. Among those linked to this obscure yet central character are George W. Bush, Jr., George H.W. Bush, Sr., Senator Lloyd Bentsen of Texas, Governor John B. Connally of Texas, Sheik Salim bin Laden of Saudi Arabia, and Sheik Salim's younger brother, Osama bin Laden.