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ETech wiki

I'm not at the O'Reilly "Emerging Technology" conference this week, more's the pity.

I am following along by blog and wiki – see the official ETech Wiki, and notably its blog directory of bloggers (many and prolific) who are taking session notes. The wiki is powered by my company Socialtext.


Back in the day calculator.

Back in the day calculator.

People are always talking about how good things were "back in the day". Recently I have noticed people abusing this phrase to describe a wide range of time, almost to the point that "back in the day" seems to be just a good day someone once had.

At happyrobotUSA, setting and obeying standards is important to us, so we have built an official and nationally sanctioned "back in the day" calculator.

(For me it reports that back in the day was from 1994 to 1998).

My firewall is illegal. Various

My firewall is illegal.

Various states are passing "super-DMCA" laws that criminalize various bits of perfectly useful and reasonable technology under the guise of protecting intellectual property holders rights. Michigan passed such a law without telling very much anyone about it. Some links:

Adina Levin from the ACLU and the EFF is organizing a happening (conference call plus chat plus wiki) to organize efforts against this bill in other states and to help guide repeal efforts – more details here.

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