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Haddad deported, family remains in U.S. – 07/16/03

Haddad deported, family remains in U.S. – 07/16/03

By Sarah Freeman

ANN ARBOR — The co-founder of an Islamic charity has been deported to Lebanon and his wife says he was immediately taken away for interrogation.

U.S. Rep. John Conyers' office confirmed Tuesday that Rabih Haddad, who had been detained for 19 months, was deported Monday. The rest of his family remains in the United States.

Haddad's wife, Salma Al-Rushaid, said she first heard of her husband's deportation when he called her collect from Amsterdam on Tuesday morning.

Al-Rushaid said she heard about Haddad's interrogation from her mother-in-law who had been awaiting his arrival at an airport in Lebanon.

'Our worst fears have come true. We applied for political asylum because we feared that any government would be more than pleased to please the U.S. government and interrogate Rabih,' Al-Rushaid said. "


day lilies in bloom

Day Lily
The passing of the summer – the new crop of flowers in Ann Arbor is the day lily, which bloom in profusion anywhere they've been allowed to take over a space.

One of the most interesting

One of the most interesting social networking exercises I've done is the "Reciprocity Ring", an invention of Wayne and Cheryl Baker's Humax Corporation. In this game you go around a table each telling a short story of something you're looking for, and in return the other people at the table pitch in with their suggestions and help. Here's <a href="
<br />”&gt;">one blogger's account. for you, Harrison

Andy Goldsworthy

A few months ago there was an Andy Goldsworthy show at the U of Michigan art museum. He does fascinating installations with artifacts from nature – leaves, pebbles, snow – and the exhibit had a number of photographs plus an installation. There's a film called Rivers and Tides about his work, coming to Ann Arbor's Michigan Theater on 18 July 2003, check this release schedule for a time in your area. thanks Jill

LoonCam – Candid camera captures nesting loons – Jun. 30, 2003: "The Loon Cam, affixed to a pole in the water and facing toward shore, can be tilted up, down and sideways, or it can zoom in or out, from the institute's offices.

The camera records everything that happens on the loon nest, 24 hours a day. It also sends live streaming video and digital photos over the Internet.

'This is a living example of what technology can do,' Attix said. 'It blows my mind.' "