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Mackinac Bridge border control for emerald ash borers

From the Marquette Mining Journal:

State plans checkpoint at Mackinac Bridge

ST. IGNACE (AP) – With summer tourism season getting under way, government inspectors have set up a checkpoint just north of the Mackinac Bridge in hopes of keeping the emerald ash borer and bovine tuberculosis out of the Upper Peninsula.

Northbound motorists hauling non-coniferous firewood, products made of ash wood, and livestock including cattle, goats and farm-raised deer will be required to stop at the checkpoint. It is located in the state welcome center parking lot northeast of the bridge toll booths, officials said Thursday.

The firewood will be confiscated, in keeping with a state ban on taking it into the Upper Peninsula. Wood products such as lumber will be inspected, and livestock haulers will be required to show bovine TB test records and other documentation about the animals they are transporting.

Ash borers are a huge problem in Ann Arbor, killing lots of city trees – it will be disaster when they hit the UP forests.


AADL gaming sessions revealed!

Jenny at the Shifted Librarian has a great account of the Ann Arbor District Library’s gaming tournaments for kids and teens. Some clips from her story. You can see more about the games from a teen perspective on the library blog at

Here’s the session detail:

“Video games are an $11 billion business and a fundamental component of teenage life. Hosting video game tournaments at your library builds community, demonstrates your library’s relevance to a different audience (young adults, teens, and especially males), and allows libraries to bring content directly into users’ hands. Come to this exciting MLS Tech Summit to see firsthand how Ann Arbor District Library Information Access Systems geeks worked with the teen services librarians to bring video gaming tournaments to the community. You’ll learn all of the technical details as well as how to replicate the program at your library– whole hog or on the cheap!–and take notes on arguments and justifications for your director. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes because you will get to experience this phenomenon firsthand!

so if you ever want to learn DDR just stop by…hm must try

Back When Ann Arbor had a camera factory in town

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Back When...
Back When…, originally uploaded by argusmaniac.

This was photographed from an old Argus Eyes publication at the 4th Argus Gathering in Martinsville, VA. Photo credit “argusmaniac” on Flickr.

My old office at the U of Michigan computing center was in the renovated factory building.

Posted by Edward Vielmetti from Flickr.


A Concise Summary of the Field of General Systemantics

From John Gall, author of Systemantics and The Systems Bible:

Systems are seductive. They promise to do a hard job faster, better, and more easily than you could do it by yourself. But if you set up a system, you are likely to find your time and effort now being consumed in the care and feeding of the system itself. New problems are created by its very presence. Once set up, it won’t go away, it grows and encroaches. It begins to do strange and wonderful things. Breaks down in ways you never thought possible. It kicks back, gets in the way, and opposes its own proper function. Your own perspective becomes distorted by being in the system. You become anxious and push on it to make it work. Eventually you come to believe that the misbegotten product it so grudgingly delivers is what you really wanted all the time. At that point encroachment has become complete… you have become absorbed… you are now a systems person!

More in the Wikipedia Systemantics article and the delicious systemantics tag.

Library Technology Advisory Board

For fellow annarborites and users of the Ann Arbor

District Library’s online catalog at

I’ve been asked to join the library’s Technology Advisory

Board which meets periodically to give feedback when

they are rolling out new services. I’ll be going to an

upcoming meeting in early June to see their new website

and catalog design and features, give input and comments

and suggestions, and help refine the design prior to launch.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get this chance, and so

if you have any ideas about library catalogs and want to

feed them through to me for this meeting I’d be happy to

pass them along. You can either send me mail or to this

list, or drop notes at

In particular, if you have some kind of routine that you go

through as a heavy online library catalog user and would

like to share that with me I’d appreciate it. For my part, I

absolutely rely on email reminders of upcoming overdue

books to make sure books go back on time, and thus I

really wish there were a way to sort the list of books that

I have checked out by due date so it’s easy to mark the

ones that need renewing. that’s ttiny but I do it every day…