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Hurricane Katrina relief – what can you do?

The intense frustration with Hurricane Katrina is not knowing what I can do if anything to help out.

I do see systems springing up as unofficial clearinghouses for volunteer opportunities, like the Craig’s List New Orleans volunteer section. Of course sending money will help. If you’re in the immediate area and have medical or mental health certification there are plenty of places you can be of use.

It seems to me that the National Guard would be a lot more use in Louisiana than in Iraq right now.

Nancy White is collecting details and links about other news and information sites, which is good to have but oh so frustrating right now to have way too much news and not enough concrete things to do. The best newspaper site I have seen is


Wizard Gap session notes

Problem 1: Matt Mathis notes that you need a wizard to get top network performance.

Problem 2: The groups that are involved in the network don’t talk to each other.

Purpose of the workshop: address both problems.

Google Talk on a Mac OS X Panther (10.3) system with Adium

Short notes for the few people who have asked me about this, since I did get it working.

If you have OS X 10.3 (Panther) still running, you’ll have to get a chat client that supports Jabber to get up and going on Google Talk. Here’s abbreviated instructions, which should be enough to get you going, or at least headed in the right direction. Note that you don’t need this if you’re running Tiger because iChat supports Jabber and thus Google Talk right out of the box.

Download the Adium multiprotocol chat client and install it. You’ll find that it’s an easy install. Then configure it according to the Google Talk instructions for Adium talking to their servers, which you will find on the Google web site. Follow the screen shots and you should be set; note carefully that you’ll be running on a different port than the default Adium configuration.

If you have Plazes, you can further add to your Adium experience by configuring an Plazes Adium Appletalk script from Peter Rukavina to auto-update your location into Adium so that people know where you are.

Adium is actually pretty spiffy, I have so far used it to replace my Yahoo IM client which didn’t have much going for it.

AATA Route 5 student move-in detour

for my bus, detours Monday Aug 29 – Thurs Sept 1. More detour details at the AATA web site.

Route 5 Packard

• Outbound service : Regular route on William to State to Packard to resume regular route. There will be no service on Thompson Street.

• Inbound service : Regular route on Packard to State to William to Fourth to Route 3 stand. There will be no service on Thompson Street.

AATA Night Ride to continue, fare to increase

The AATA runs a Night Ride shared cab service after hours, to handle the transit needs of people who need to get places after the regular bus service stops. It’s not wildly popular with the general public, but some groups like downtown workers use it quite a bit.

It was planned to be cancelled because of revenue shortfalls.

Here’s a note I got from Chris White at the AATA announcing its continuation:

I am sending this to everyone who emailed me about the proposed discontinuation of Night Ride during the comment period.

We received many emails, letters, and voicemail comments about Night Ride. All of this was provided to the AATA Board of Directors for their consideration. At their meeting last night the Board also heard from a number of users in person. At the end of the public hearing, the Board Chair and AATA Executive Director announced that

Night Ride will continue to operate. The fare is expected to increase, however.

I am sure there will be an official announcement somewhere of the new fees, look on the AATA web site for that.

A2B3 #2: Eastern Accents, Thursday, 25 August 2005

Today’s bi bim bop tour took us to Eastern Accents on Fourth Ave. Eight people were there all told, which made for a nice sized group.

Next week’s tour takes us to Seoul Garden on Boardwalk near Eisenhower, near the 6, 7, and 36 bus routes. Look for us at noon on Sept 1, 2005.

It was a wide ranging discussion, in part because not everyone knew each other so there were a lot of introductions to be made. Let me share some of those introductions for the people I know who have a web presence already. I’ll go in order counterclockwise from where I sat near the window.

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