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Cocoalicious, OS X client for

Recommended: Cocoalicious, an OS X client for the social bookmarking service.

It has a few key points in its favor, though there could easily be more feechurs in it. As of 1.0b39 it does local caching of delicious posts, so it’s way fast even if delicious itself is slow. The other big win is that when you post an article to delicious through it it keeps running and doesn’t hang up like the Firefox bookmarklet for delicious. (now I have 2000+ bookmarks which explains a lot of the slowness but still).

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how ideas move in a tripartite network of tags, people and pages

I have been thinking about how information moves through the network, and what the various roles of people, tags, and web pages are in this process. Here is a citation (pulled from econophysics) of a paper on the topic that studies CiteULike. There’s a lot more data in delicious to look at.

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22, 19

Collaborative tagging as a tripartite network

R. Lambiotte, M. Ausloos

We describe online collaborative communities by tripartite networks, the nodes being persons, items and tags. We introduce projection methods in order to uncover the structures of the networks, i.e. communities of users, genre families… To do so, we focus on the correlations between the nodes, depending on their profiles, and use percolation techniques that consist in removing less correlated links and observing the shaping of disconnected islands. The structuring of the network is visualised by using a tree representation. The notion of diversity in the system is also discussed.

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Kinkless GTD speedup trick

I’m using Kinkless to keep track of all the things I’m doing (and not doing). Recently it’s gotten a lot slower when I do a “sync”. A little bit of searching turned up this speedup trip.

Save the document and then close it. Reopen it to use it again. Sync should be a lot faster.

Theory of operations: OmniOutliner keeps a giant undo stack of operations, and Kinkless fills it up. As you do more and more operations, it gets slower and slower. Closing and reopening flushes the undo stack and you’re happy again. Or such is the theory.

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learning XSLT

I have a few results of some work learning XSLT available on my Superpatron site. They take data from John Blyberg at the Ann Arbor District Library and Davey P at the Huddersfield Library and make them pretty.

You can see the raw details of how far I got at , but perhaps more interesting is the work that Davey did to make an accessable library catalog with nice big fonts using this stylesheet.

Next step – throwing some Javascript in here.

Thanks to Bill Humphries for getting me over the initial hump in learning this stuff.

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ecto editor stripping some tags

I’m trying to get the blog editor ecto to use its Amazon lookup feature to automate the production of formatted blog post entries. In particular, I’m trying to wrap book reviews in a div tag with a class attribute.

Ecto-ATPases : Recent Progress on Structure and Function by Springer

ISBN 0306455846 This is what I’m after, and I have a template set up to do the right thing which works in the HTML editor mode.

But when I go into rich text mode the leading div class=”” stanza gets stripped to a plain div with no class attribute. Help? Suggestions? thanks.

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