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new position, new blog

I’ll be blogging for my new position at the U of Michigan School of Information on my MBlog account.  Look for some more details there. 


iBook G4 flashes red green blue

My iBook G4 is sad.

Every so often it started to freeze.  Then it started to not boot when I wanted it to boot, and now much of the time it goes straight to flashing red green blue screens after I power it up.

I’m bringing it back to the Learning Center Ltd. in Ann Arbor, MI to have them take another look at it.  The first time I brought it in they thought it could be fixed with a backup and reformat and restore of the drive (which they would do for $160), but now since it’s not even booting up the install DVD it’s time to exercise that Applecare warranty.

How to turn off trackback on your typepad weblog.

It’s running 100% spam right now, so I’m doing to turn off trackback on all my blog postings.

Step one: in Ecto, uncheck the “Trackback: Allow” box, then hit “Make Default”.

Step two: somewhere on Typepad, … (edit me here) .. so that all old postings have trackback disabled. I don’t see any one-step way to do that.

Step three: go into Typepad and delete the trackbacks from poker, replica watches, edgeio, various pr0n, etc.

Thanks to Dan Cooney for alerting me of the crud.

Note to Anil Dash: standards for Trackback are fine, but you all need to step up your filters on trackbacks just like you filter comments for spam or it will be useless.

U of Michigan Men’s Glee Club, 146th Annual Spring Concert, April 8 2006, 8pm Hill Auditorium

From the Glee Club alumni newsletter that I get. The main tickets page has more details.

1. 146TH ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT. The Spring concert is only a few

weeks away and it is sure to be spectacular. Tickets can be ordered

through the Laudes form or you can order tickets the week of the

concert by calling the Glee Club office from 9-5 at (734) 764-1448. We

look forward to seeing you there.

The 1967 University of Michigan Songbook has music and lyrics for all of the Michigan songs that the Glee Club sings; it’s long since out of print but the Ann Arbor District Library has a copy in reference (R Music 781.92 D853u).

Cooperation Commons new group blog

I’ve joined the Institute for the Future’s Cooperation Commons as one of the bloggers who is contributing to the site. Jim Benson is organizing the blog, and my fellow bloggers are Andrea Saveri, Howard Rheingold, Kevin Jones, Mike Love, Paul Hartzog, and Sam Rose.

Recent topics include a review of Lynn Margulis’s book on cooperation in evolution, a paper on cheap pseudonyms harming cooperation in online communities by Feldman and Chuang at Berkeley, and a review of board games based on their spectrum of cooperative vs. competitive play.

It’s a thought provoking set of readings, and I’m looking forward to cooperating in the discussion.

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The infinite canvas of your calendar

I was at a Scott McCloud (“Understanding Comics”) talk

the other night and he talked as I guess he regularly does

about the net as an “infinite canvas” for comics. His thinking

is that because the computer screen is not a scroll or a

printed text that it could perhaps be an infinite pan and

zoom on a big comic that didn’t have pages.

Most of the calendar applications I have seen (iCal

that I use now, all of the cell phone ones I’ve ever used,

pretty much everything) are very page oriented – you

see “a month” or “a year” but there is no real sense of

time stretching forwards and backwards. Do you know

of any calendaring tools that present an “infinite canvas”

of events and experiences to help map out what came

before and what we hope to or plan to do in the future?

On the infinite canvas:

Wired interview in 8.05 with Scott McCloud

Wikipedia entry for Infinite Canvas

Infinite Canvas Mac s/w for authoring comix

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43F Series: “Inbox Zero” | 43 Folders

Merlin Mann at 43 Folders has a good and inspiring series on how to get (and keep) your email inbox at zero. Inspiring. And it works – I went from 40 to 0 this afternoon, unearthed and answered and got forward movement on four projects, and even wrote two postcards while I was at it.

43F Series: “Inbox Zero” | 43 Folders:

So, over the next few days, I’ll be sharing detailed tips — some old and some new — on how I deal with email. Like most stuff here, there’s no guarantee that this will be any kind of panacea for you. Each of our needs and challenges differ, and there’s no one correct way to do practically anything. As ever, some of this will be more or less useful for you, and you should choose your own major changes with care and mindfulness.