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Don’t call it lurking

If you read a web site and don’t comment on it, some will mark that as “lurking”. Mostly that’s a wrong perspective. A lot of people are less comfortable with typing things into the net than they are talking about them, and since web log traffic tools have no way to measure all of the spoken word and face to face discussion that’s going on, you have no real way to pigeonhole an infrequent contributor as “lurker” or “active offline participant” without knowing more.

Ross Mayfield recycles the powerlaw curve to illustrate where the lurkers are, and completely omits any hint that people might actually talk to each other and see each other offline.

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Keep Ypsi Rollin wishlist

From today’s KYR newsletter:

KYR also has a wish list. With our operating budget of $0, we would be

very humbly grateful for the following kind donations:

1. Temporary loan of legal-sized clipboards

2. 500 business cards with our logo (email me for a hi-res color

version) and the following info in any arrangement (you can choose how

to arrange it): Keep Ypsi Rollin’,,, 482-4113.

3. Temporary loan of an answering machine

4. Small cool items, donated (non-tax-deductible) for our early-fall fundraiser

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Keep Ypsi Rollin’ November ballot initiative press conference


“Keep Ypsi Rollin'” is launching its November ballot initiative by

holding a press conference tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. at the Ypsilanti bus

station at Pearl and Washington (one block north of Huron, just north

of Michigan Ave.).

We’ll be handing out press releases detailing our plan, collecting

signatures on our official ballot petition, and answering questions.

See you there.

Laura Bien

“Keep Ypsi Rolling” director

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inbox zero

with some concentrated focus of energy and work, I’m down to inbox zero on my gmail account.

that’s not to say that I have nothing to do!  indeed there is a huge list.  but it’s out of the miasmic stacks of barely read mail that hints at big things that need work to nag at me.

now I just need to make sure I don’t lose the paper in front of me that has the todo lists.

Making Typepad and Feedburner play nice together

I have a Typepad blog (a couple of them) and I run my feeds through Feedburner. Both great services.

I’d like to have the feed for Feedburner be the one that’s auto-recognized when someone subscribes to the site through Bloglines, but I’m not sure how to do that off hand without following Feedburner’s instructions to convert to “advanced templates” on Typepad. (That’s not great because that gets rid of the easy ways to redirect sidebars.)

Any hints? Rick, Michael?

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on taking a kindergartener with you to work

Saul is a good kid, but he’s only 5 1/2, and so taking him to work is kind of awkward.

He likes the various toys on people’s desks, and was endlessly fascinated by the mini-stapler and the staple remover. The afternoon was spent having computer time (in abundance) and writing notes on little pieces of paper. We left early when he was clearly bored enough to make it hard for me to carry on.

On our way home we stopped at the bike store to fix his front bike tire – he’s riding without training wheels now! – and he gave the bike shop guy his name and spelled his last name.

It was nice to spend so much time with him.