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Calder Dairy: milk delivery in Ann Arbor and other southeastern Michigan cities

We get a delivery of milk every week from Calder Dairy. The truck comes in on Tuesdays, they put glass bottles of milk into a cooler and pick up the empties, and we get a bill once a month (with a “Moosletter” with farm news on the back). The farm is in Carleton, which makes a nice trip for ice cream and to see the happy cows; the dairy in Lincoln Park also has an ice cream parlor (haven’t been there yet).

The milk is really good, the ice cream is fabulous, and the cream (wow, farm cream).

Other people in the Ann Arbor area who have written about them include Trusty Getto (Ypsilanti), carfree ann arbor, Arbor Update, the U of M Resident Spouses Association, and Chow.

They deliver to routes in the following cities (from their web site)

* Ann Arbor * Saline * Chelsea * Dexter * Allen Park * Lincoln Park * Dearborn * Dearborn Heights * Grosse Isle * Flat Rock * Monroe * Carleton * Newport * Taylor * South Lyon * Livonia * Wyandotte * Ecorse * Southgate * Willis * Maybee * South Rockwood * Garden City * Westland * River Rouge * Trenton * Romulus * New Boston * Belleville * Melvindale * Ypsilanti * Canton * Plymouth

and you can pick up Calder milk locally from stores including the People’s Food Coop.

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Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference, Third Edition

Danny Goodman’s Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference (3d edition) is an exhaustive encyclopedia of all of the features and pitfalls that you have to deal with when you write Ajax applications in browsers.

As my friend JP says, “browser crap makes me cry”.

Thanks to O’Reilley for the review copy. It covers CSS, the DOM, XMLHttpRequest, Javascript, and more.

One complaint: the glossary is not cross-referenced with the index, so if you find a concept there you still have to surf through 1291 pages to find it. This is a book that begs to be used with ORA’s Safari so that you can look things up by content.

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Pfizer psummit: PSWAT teams; Pfired T-shirts at Elmo’s, Main St, Ann Arbor

Seen on the street: Pfired t-shirt’s at Elmo’s on Main St. in Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor News reporting on the Pfizer psummit Tug-of-war on horizon over Pfizer employees?

More than 100 business, university and political leaders attended the event at the Michigan Information Technology Center to discuss the community’s future without Pfizer’s 2,100 jobs and its position as Ann Arbor’s biggest taxpayer.

Attending the summit were elected officials such as state Sen. Liz Brater, nonprofit leaders such as Detroit Renaissance President Doug Rothwell, and education leaders including Washtenaw Community College President Larry Whitworth.

Numerous business executives also were in attendance, including Pfizer Senior Vice President David Canter, Rob Aldrich of office space developer MAV Development Co., Jan Garfinkle of life sciences venture capital firm Arboretum Ventures, and Richard Socha of software developer netXert Inc.

At a news conference, organizers of the summit, including Gov. Jennifer Granholm and University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, sounded an optimistic tone about the future and said they were bullish about the community’s response.

They formed eight action teams to encourage job growth and economic development at the Pfizer site, among other things. They said interest in the Pfizer employees and the site is high. They said they have been contacted by businesses seeking to employ Pfizer workers and companies interested in the Pfizer property, which includes 177 acres and research laboratories off Plymouth Road.

Heard over an afternoon tea: hairdressers with a lot of Pfizer clients are uncertain about their future incomes.

Pfizer employees will get a booth from the state for retraining and other efforts to get them to stick around Ann Arbor rather than relocate:

State works to cure Pfizer loss / Sofia Kosmetatos / The Detroit News

ANN ARBOR — The state of Michigan on Monday pledged $1 million to help Pfizer workers who will lose their jobs as the drug company closes its research and development facility here.

The money will come from a fund established with federal money to help dislocated workers in regions experiencing plant closings and mass layoffs.

The Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth will allocate the money to the Washtenaw County Michigan Works! It will be used to provide outreach services including entrepreneurial training and resources to help people launch new companies.

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“Three Temporal Arcs in the Hobby of Gourmet Cooking: Implications for Information Studies”

this lecture already happened, but the announcement text was too good to not clip and save.

Faculty Guest Lecture:

“Three Temporal Arcs in the Hobby of Gourmet Cooking: Implications for Information Studies”

Jenna Hartel

12:00 PM

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ehrlicher Room, 411 West Hall

Jenna Hartel, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Information Studies at UCLA, will speak. She will explore the relationship between leisure activity, information, and time. It is based upon a scientific ethnography of information phenomena in the hobby of gourmet cooking. Fieldwork with 20 gourmet cooks illuminates how they undergo three temporal arcs: linked streams of experience through different periods of time. Gourmet cooks advance through a long-running hobby career that evolves over many years or an entire life. For shorter periods they pursue culinary subjects that focus and organize activity. Finally, they perform numerous hands-on cooking episodes that generate an edible outcome. Temporally unpacking the hobby reveals that each arc is a distinct informational context with quintessential information phenomena. Assuming that temporal dimensions underlie all human experience raises two interesting issues for information studies: the need for time-sensitive models of the information encounter and the temporal architecture of the discipline.

Carbon offsets for airline miles

I just got my Northwest WorldPerks statement from this year, which credited me with 9,158 air miles. When I plug that into the CarbonFund carbon calculator, it says I was personally responsible for 1.74 tons of CO2 due to that air travel, which they will offset for $9.57. Doing the math, that’s roughly a penny of carbon offsets per air mile.

next time I’ll take the train.

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Carrot salad with tarragon

Recipe: carrot/tarragon salad. Grate a few carrots into a bowl. Use hand grater, not a food processor, since you want long shreds; or use a food processor on grate but not on chop. For a dressing, use lemon juice, cider vinegar, olive oil, and mustard in a vinagrette. Sprinkle tarragon on top. It’s nice with either a dijon mustard or a tarragon mustard.

tarragon of virtue is full. (PDQ Bach, “The Seasonings”)

is there a Foodiepedia? darn, taken by a squatter.

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Pfizer Ann Arbor summit, closed doors session

From the Ann Arbor News, Pfizer summit set up:

More than 60 local leaders are being invited to a private summit Monday to begin a coordinated effort to respond to the decision by Pfizer Inc. to close its Ann Arbor facilities.

Invitations signed by University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje, and Ann Arbor Spark CEO Michael Finney were sent Wednesday to leaders of local businesses, government entities and universities. Organizers expect representatives of Pfizer to also attend.

Key topics on the agenda are how to encourage the 2,160 affected Pfizer employees to stay in the area and what should become of the company’s property, which includes 177 acres and significant laboratory spaces off Plymouth Road in northeast Ann Arbor.

Organizers are calling the meeting a brainstorming session, and expect to hold more in the coming weeks. It’s not open to the public, though organizers will hold a news conference afterward.

U-M spokeswoman Kelly Cunningham said the closed doors are necessary “to encourage frank discussion.”

The News didn’t name the local leaders, but I’ll print a list if anyone comes up with one.

I saw the Mayor at Sweetwaters Kerrytown, which is the Pure Visibility coffee shop of record. He didn’t recognize me, and I didn’t initially recognize him – he didn’t have his usual smile.

“Summit” is in context an odd word to use. “Pfizer summit” on Google returns this news from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, about another shuttered Pfizer facility (from the Kansas City Business Journal)

Pfizer Inc. said Friday that it has officially ended a two-year global effort to sell its Lee’s Summit manufacturing plant and that it now plans to demolish the building.

The 271,000-square-foot building is east of Missouri Highway 291 and south of U.S. Highway 50.

Production at the plant will cease in December, the New York City-based company (NYSE: PFE) said in a release. The company said it then plans to remove the building’s equipment and other assets early next year and demolish it by the end of 2007.

That site required some special treatment because of production of penicillin which, while not creating a classic brownfield situation, did make the place unusable for production of some drugs; they switched to all animal medicine manufacture at the end.

One of the topics at today’s a2b3 lunch (weekly noonish at Eastern Accents on Fourth Ave) was an open question at the table on how the Pfizer closing was going to affect people personally. One person was job hunting because their contracting company did a lot of Pfizer work. Another was happy that they had gotten out of the real estate business. A few folks considered whether this might be something that would create some contract or consulting work for them in the short run as people who were pfired started up their own businesses and needed services.

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