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AATA Route 5 student move-in detour details

The AATA’s #5 route is detoured during student move-in. When I rode the bus yesterday, a number of people were visibly upset at bus stops because their bus had not come for an hour. Today’s bus took a different detour than yesterday’s. I plotted everything I could find, and marked the nearest good stop that was reachable by all of the various detour routes that are plausible.

This contradicts the posted information, which says

Route 5 Packard
To Ann Arbor: Regular route on Packard to State to William to Fourth to the Blake Transit Center. There will be no service on Thompson Street.

To Ypsilanti or Meijer: Regular route from the Blake Transit Center to William and Thompson, continuing on William to State to Packard to resume regular route. There will be no service on Thompson Street.

I don’t know if the Packard detour was a planned detour from the detour (traffic was mighty bad) or a rogue driver, but I can easily imagine first-time new transit riders being angry and upset.


Dear Edward Vielmetti:
That was an error on our part and we apologize for the mistake.
The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority

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Mondo Concreto

This video is making the email rounds in town; if you’re not part of that world, you’ll find this amusing. “Join the thousands of people racing from the suburbs to purchase a Mondo Concreto condo.” Says one viewer: “lmao”. Another: “really, really bad”.

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