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Michigan government shutdown 2007

There’s no way I can keep track of all of the news stories that are going on about the possible (likely) partial shutdown of the government of the state of Michigan.

The stories I am tracking are on delicious on the michigan-shutdown tag. Until it all starts to happen I don’t think anyone really is prepared for the impact.

The state deficit is $1.75 billion.

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Places to watch on

Motor City Casino (re Michigan Gaming Control Board)

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– Google News: michigan shutdown liquor

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Weekly 103bees search feedback report for September 27, 2007

These search queries are a sample from 103bees of what’s hitting this weblog this week. Your feedback is welcome on any of them. I’ve linked each of them that are easy to link to – mostly to Arborwiki pages, which will in turn link back to this blog if appropriate; the tag “warning:indirect-selflink” is appropriate.


> detroit tiger stadium

> cafe ambrosia ann arbor

> borders books blogs

> what kind of spider is this? michigan

> what spider in illinois resembles a mushroom

> “address book” fields mac

> michigan northville regional psychiatric hospital sale lawsuits

> pull from webdav into gmail

> prices of pumpkins

> has problem accents request tracker



> what kind of spider is this? michigan

> how long does it take to run or walk 1.5 miles

> google-security system residential wireless- how does it work?

> what do pelicans eat

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