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Echo Cannonade to open the Erie Canal

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The First Book of History, for Children and Youth By Samuel Griswold Goodrich

Source(s): Ian Frazier’s “Family,” 1994 via the Dead Media Project

A cannon-fire relay communicates and celebrates the opening of the Erie Canal. “In 1825, the first boat bound for New York City left Lake Erie and entered the newly completed Erie Canal. Observers at the point where the canal met the lake saw the boat and fired a cannon. Some miles to the east, people heard the shot and fired a cannon there; when sound of that shot reached a cannon farther east, someone fired that one; and so on, in a sequence of hundreds of cannon placed at intervals along the canal route, down the Mohawk River, and down the Hudson River all the way to New York City. At the final shot, an hour and twenty minutes after the first, the sequence was reversed, from the city all the way back to the lake. The Echo Cannonade (as people called it) announced the opening of the canal and began a big celebration in the city.”

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Bradley Horowitz at U of Michigan campus

Brad Horowitz talked at UMich today. Here are unedited notes….(well, lightly edited).

I was deliciousing links along the way too.

thanks for coming! good to hear the talk.

some notes:

john laird introduces; yahoo speaker series.

bradley grew up in flordia, moved to michigan, “flower king” in livonia

michigan, gymnast in high school. as undergrad in ATL down in the lab

doing all kinds of ramesh jain, terry weymouth, brian shunk (sp??)

from here we lost him to mit media lab to entrepreneur with ramesh,

a bunch of companies, most recently landed at yahoo. vp product strategy.

another indication of us building relationships with yahoo. connections.

here to convince you to work with or work at; phd dropout, stay in school kids.

thank my host, incredible day, saw my parents in livonia, overwhelmed by the

work today and its resonance with yahoo. working with us despite us and

around us. a lot to make that easier.

the worst student to stand up in front of you all and profess to have knowledge.

almost failued out a couple of times. came in as CS via LSA and took great books

and history of music and art and not interested in requirements. instead up in

ATL building having fun. took 6 years to get degree and graduate. like george

costanza, scholarship for “rebel bad students”, on teh verge of dropping out.

really cool job, now VP Advanced Development Divions, “VP ADD”. advanced

in the sense of a scout on the horizon, what’s next.

career: looking for first real job, a place to park between startups, fell into yaho0

(after virage…) attitude lasted for a day. quality and caliber of people there. not

a company crowing about how smart they are, “very humble guys”. taken by

level of their game. one report, doing multimedia search, image search; launched

video, audio, desktop search. then stumbled across flickr.

helped bring flickr to acquire them. poster child for web 2.0 movement. user-generated

content, rich interfaces with ajax.

runs speaker series for yahoo, brought in Negativland band for IP theft


why do you find the internet depressing? you see what people are

actually doing with this stuff, stupid pet tricks or worse. brings out

the worst in people in a lot of ways.

the antidote is the most interesting photos on flickr.

heuristics that separate the wheat through the chaff, through

the lens of personal

“attention is our most precious asset”

flickr – “lowering the barrier to participation”

flickr compared to computer vision; “computer vision is hard”;

man plus machine, not man versus machine.

what makes flickr special?

4. flickr services, api, language bindings, encourage 3d parties

to make flickr bettr.

“this is emergent”.

“community and themselves monitor that”

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