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MOUNTAIN OCEAN SUN is playing a free show on New Years Day Jan. 1 2008 at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor Michigan!!!! Its FREE!!!! Also playing is BLADES OF GRASS, LAST YEAR BAND, OAK, WOOLLY MAMMOTH, and HOME ITEMS.
daytime concert
1pm – 5pm
free admission
free food

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for short attention spans and expansive minds

oh, so that’s what I look like from the net (via metro mode media)

Ed Vielmetti is Ann Arbor’s pied piper of Web 2.0 new urbanist geek culture and all round swell guy. A relentless networker and vital strand in the social and high tech spiderweb of A2 start ups and up starts, his blog is really more of a free-for-all of interesting links and informational tidbits. For short attention spans and expansive minds.

The difficult part of this for me is the “short attention span”, because I feel like I have a long attention span (measured in years) though it might not have a long time in any particular day. for instance:

from my review of Edward Hallowell’s “Crazy Busy” in 2006:

The first half is a series of anecdotes about how the world has gone mad with fragmented attention spans, so that people have environmentally-induced ADD. The second half is self-help on coping with that world, and a few really neat exercises to improve your concentration.

from an interview with Maira Kalman in Library Journal: (2005)

Describe your thought process. For example, what inspired the image with the dog (“Well, Susan, this is a fine mess you are in”)?

My very poor attention span allows me to jump from thing to thing with childish abandon. I chose the sentences only on the basis of what I liked. But once I narrowed down my choices, I wanted to be literal and true to the sentence. So, for instance, for the phrase “The temple of Isis” [see image, far left] I found images of the actual temple, which is on a small island on the Nile and rendered it with some characters sprinkled in. I tried to do this as often as possible. A reasoned madness.

my 1999 review of Blur on Epinions

This would be a great book to take out from the library and browse through hunting for ideas about the fast pace of modern life. If you have a short attention span you can even pick up a page, snag something quotable or at least interesting, and put it down again. But buy it to read it straight through…can’t recommend it for that.

and from a quote file:

Turnaucka’s Law: The attention span of a computer is only as long as its electrical cord.

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Ann Arbor Snow Removal Information

This is a copy of as of December 2007, with markup and annotations noted.

The City of Ann Arbor performs a variety of street maintenance depending upon the amount of snow that falls. Generally, the categories are described as “light snow,” “snow emergency.” In addition, the city is dependent upon its citizens for sidewalk snow removal.

For up to date snow information please watch Cable Television Network (CTN) Channel 16.

Light Snow: Street Cleaning

When there is light snow or ice on road surfaces, the city’s Public Services Department clears over 94 miles of high volume streets, bridges, intersections with stop signs or traffic signals, and streets with curves. De-icing materials are applied to provide better traction for vehicles to help prevent accidents at high-risk locations. The street clearing process takes about five hours and may be repeated as needed. After the major and high risk streets are cleared, city crews de-ice the local streets in the city, which requires ten to twelve hours.

Snow Emergencies

When a snowfall of four inches or more occurs, street snow plowing begins and the City Administrator may declare that a “snow emergency” is in effect. Plowing is done on all public streets and City-owned property; however, all schools and privately owned areas provide for their own de-icing and plowing. Citizens are advised to remove cars from curbside parking to allow for effective street plowing.

When a “snow emergency ” is in effect, illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed and towed.

The City snow desk is staffed when a snow emergency is in effect. The snow desk tracks the location of plows throughout the City and provides information to the public about the plowing progress. You may reach the snow desk at 994-2359.

On days having odd-numbered dates, vehicles are prohibited from parking on the side of the street having even-numbered street addresses – in order to allow plows to clear the even-numbered side of the street. Parking is permitted on the side of the street with odd-numbered addresses in legal spaces.

On days having even-numbered dates, vehicles are prohibited from parking on the street having odd-numbered street addresses – in order to allow plows to clear the odd-numbered side of the street. Parking is permitted on the side of the street with even-numbered addresses in legal spaces

Sidewalk Snow Removal Information

During the winter, the City provides residents with up to one, five-gallon bucket’s worth of a sand and salt mixture, per visit to the maintenance yard, 721 N. Main, (734) 994-1617. Residents should bring their own shovel and bucket and self-load this material from the marked pile located next to the entrance gate. This material is intended for City residents only, and not for contractors, even if servicing sidewalks. The pure salt stored in the barn is restricted for City operations.

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