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Since the storm is coming, I’d remind you of this page I’m collecting snow poetry on. ORD was showing 5 hour delays a few minutes ago and there are expectations of 6-10 inches.

UPDATE: Wednesday, March 5 2008. Ann Arbor Public Schools closed. Check the Arborwiki sledding page for your favorite place to slide.

UPDATE: Thursday, February 7 2008. WWJ Radio has a comprehensive schools closed list for SE Michigan. In the area already closed are several schools in Livingston Co (Brighton, Howell, Pinckney) but no news yet for Ann Arbor. Some snow day reading for kids to inspire you.

UPDATE: Friday, February 1, 2008 The Ann Arbor Public Schools are closed today.

UPDATE: Snow depth maps daily from Weather Underground

UPDATE: NOHRSC is “the ultimate source of snow information

Ann Arbor snow day hotlines by telephone:

Ann Arbor City snow desk 734-994-2359

Ann Arbor Public Schools closing info 734-994-8684

For Ann Arbor school closings information, consult your second grader, who is planning a play date. If you don’t know about that you can check the Ann Arbor school closing information page which says in part:

Inclement weather may require closing schools or changing school schedules and bus routes. The decision is made after an early inspection of road conditions and school facilities, as well as current or forecasted weather conditions. When schools are closed or schedules and/or bus routes are changed, information is sent immediately to the major radio and television stations-by 6:00 a.m. if at all possible.

February 5 is Paczki Day, and the authoritative source of information on this day is the Hamtramck Star’s Keyword(s): paczki collection.

If you know of good Paczki in Ann Arbor, Arborwiki would like to know abou them. On my block downtown they are being sold at Amadeus.

If you have a kindergartener starting in the fall, it’s time for the Ann Arbor Public Schools Kindergarten Roundup schedule. The Burns Park dates are 2/11/08 and 2/19/08, and if you have any questions as a new parent to the school I’d be happy to help find someone to answer. The 2/11 date is National African American Parent Involvement Day, which was founded by Joseph Dulin:

“Every parent wants their child to have a better quality of life than they themselves had. It is the American dream, and for many African Americans, this dream has not been realized as a result of their child’s failure in school. Education is the key to success and parents are educators’ greatest allies.” Joseph Dulin

That’s it for tonight.


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note to self: are windmills prohibited by my city zoning?

Would it be OK to put a windmill on my chimney to replace the television antenna, and if so are there any restrictions on size, weight, or anything else in the Ann Arbor city code?

The Half Bakery has a lovely collection of great weird ideas about a windmill powered friction oven, which concludes roughly that chimneys don’t have the sort of structural integrity to be whipped around in the wind.

If it was an antique weathervane it might fetch a pretty price on the auction market; this helped the Lexington Historical Society score nearly a cool million dollars for an old gas station weathervane. No cogeneration there though.

Looking at the patents we have this:

3691829 Weather Vane Anomometer

there’s a cool water-flow powered LED lighting shower waterhead too – get some wattage from the water company. in-home microhydro!

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