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Shiawassee River Paddle Event – May 18 2008 – Holly to Fenton, Michigan

Shiawassee River Paddle Event

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Start : WaterWorks Park in Holly, Michigan

End : Strom Park in Fenton, Michigan

Distance : 7 scenic miles of numerous twists and turns

Canoe Rental available with Heavners Canoe Livery

Schedule :

10:00 am : On-site registration begins WaterWorks Building, Broad Street

11:30 am : Introductory Ceremony North side WaterWorks Park

11:45 am : Experienced Canoeists Start at Millpond, Broad Street

12:15 pm : Novice/Youth Canoeists Start at Millpond, Broad Street

12:45 pm : Kayak/ Single person canoeists Start on Shiawassee River, Broad Street

** 1:15 pm : Leisure/fun paddle Start on Shiawassee River, Broad Street **

6:00 pm : Final river sweep completed

On-site availability of snacks and water.

Shuttle transport from 1pm – 6 pm for continuous transport of boats/ people

Trophies for First and Second Place in all three races.

For more info and photos, visit websites :

Registration Forms :

Questions ? Call Sue Julian, 248-634-3513.

Rain or Shine !

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Ten secrets to success (or, ten things that I aspire to doing regularly)

1. Send a postcard.

2. Go for a walk.

3. Use the library.

4. Keep your inbox at zero.

5. Find a group to go to lunch with regularly.

6. Say thank you.

7. Keep track of what you do.

8. Keep track of what you promise to do.

9. Always carry something to write with.

10. Get enough sleep.

I wish I could say that I do all this, but at least it’s something to aim for. And I wish I had the infinite patience to hyperlink all of these, but I don’t, so take it on faith that I’ve thought about and written about them before.

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Lou Rosenfeld’s site search analytics workshop slides

Lou Rosenfeld has a new workshop about analytics for the search within sites – the sort of information that is quantitatively and qualitatively different from general search terms and behavior because it’s within a closed domain (e.g. an intranet) or because people who are looking for something have already found you.

He’s looking for comments and feedback – thanks.</p.

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slimtimer – observing what you do, so that you can report on it later

I need to be mindful of what I am doing all the time, so that things get done and I don’t just wander off into cyberspace. (Cyberspace, remember that, data gloves and VRML and the metaverse and all that? Yeah. There.)

There are two fundamental issues in time tracking for me: accurately logging the start and stop of each task, and determining which bucket of pre-assigned tasks it goes into (or determining that a new bucket needs to be allocated to describe that task).

There is a great interview of Caterina Fake by Tod Maffin on CBC Radio, back when Flickr was in Vancouver BC and new and hip and was Canadian content, and Caterina talked about Flickr’s use of tags in this way:

“The way that most systems had worked prior to this sort of tagging system is that you would in advance of knowing what you were going to categorize had to put together a category list and that involves a lot of cognitive overhead that you really don’t want to engage in at the time uploading photographs and labeling them makes tagging so successful add tags on the spot you know beach sunset fire sand enter”

it’s a rough transcript, but I’ve listened to this piece dozens of times and the phrase “cognitive overhead” sticks in my brain. I don’t know where that piece is online, but it should be….

so, slimtimer. “beach sunset fire sand” then start the timer. never mind that you hadn’t planned in advance to go to the beach, you’ll account for that later.

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