DTE power outages persist in Oakland County, MI after storm


The Detroit News has some reporting on the DTE power outages across the Detroit metro region.

The company serves Metro Detroit, home to about 136,000 of the homes and businesses still without power. More than two-thirds of those — 95,000 — are in Oakland County, where frustrations are running high as schools and businesses remained closed and families flocked to hotels for temporary shelter. Since Sunday night, an estimated 600,000 people in Michigan have been affected by the outages.

The map above is from the DTE current outage map, which gives a color-coded perspective on the current situation.

UPDATE with extended coverage:

Monroe County, 8200 still without power, 22 car train derailment in Ohio’s Ottawa county (via Toledo Blade).

Macomb County: 58000 lost power at peak of storm, 400 still without power, some downed power lines simply marked and blocked off awaiting crews (Romeo Observer)

Ingham County: power outage causes sewage dump into the Cedar River; Michigan State University student radio station WDBM taken offline (State News)


3 thoughts on “DTE power outages persist in Oakland County, MI after storm

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