Michigan gas price maps from GasBuddy


GasBuddy has built a very nice infrastructure for tracking gas prices across the county. If you sign up, you can update the site with current observations of pricing; if you don’t sign up, you can still view individual and aggregated data.

The map above is not quite enough to decide where to stop, except to note that if you happen to be heading south you should probably fill up in Ohio, not Michigan (tax differences account for the price difference). To do the real time decision support to save you a dollar or two on your next tank, use Gas Buddy To Go on your mobile phone and plug in the city or zip code you’re in to get the lowest prices in that area.

4 thoughts on “Michigan gas price maps from GasBuddy

  1. Mohan Kartha

    Ed, I too have been playing with and posting gas reports GasBuddy for a few months – their system is surprisingly useful, even from my piece-of-*&$% Treo.
    I talked about building a community gas reporting network like this for years and even hacked out some of the parts of this type of system.
    The folks at GasBuddy have done a reasonably good job at creating a useful tool and have a large enough community to provide decent data. They’ve even managed to deal with one of the most difficult problems – how do you select the right gas station for price reporting – by allowing users to pre-build lists of their favorite stations.
    Anyhow, GasBuddy has done such a good job that I’ve now scrapped some of my efforts in favor of mashups using their data.
    I also agree with George that this is a good use for the iPhone 2.0 location API – that’s probably high on the list of apps I want to build once the iPhone 2.0 is released.

  2. Mohan Kartha

    BTW> Another similar mobile network/community application that tracks police speedtraps is Trapster.com.

  3. Empty again

    We need to start a “Pop the Bubble Campaign”, if we can get state employee pension funds, Michigan’s first, to divest from all oil fututes investments, and get other state pension funds and non-state government pension funds to start the same divestment, the bubble pops, 70 billion in state pension fund investments alone in oil futures, California, 1.3 billion, according to last weeks newspapers.


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