Sleeper Lake Fire mushroom hunting near Newberry, MI


Last year there was a fire near Sleeper Lake in Newberry, MI in the UP; when I wrote about it, I collected fire maps of the Sleeper Lake area showing where the fire lines were. That fire is out now, but that page where I had those maps is still getting a steady stream of page views. So, I have to ask, why?

The other popular seasonal page is my annual Michigan morel map, which I pull an excerpt from the morel progression sightings map and highlight the appearance of these tasty mushrooms in the Michigan woods.

We know from previous years and previous burns that morels love to grow where it has recently burned. US Forest Service research credited to David Pilz (!) on Productivity and diversity of morel mushrooms in healthy, burned, and insect damaged forests of northeastern Oregon speaks to forest manager use of fire to promote mushroom growth.

I don’t know if it’s morel season near Newberry now, and of course no one will tell you exactly where to pick. I would, however, take a look at that fire map before I went out.

Newberry is hosting a THE FIRE IS GONE AND THE SPIRIT LIVES ON’ 4TH OF JULY PARADE this year – contact Mary Archambeau at 906-293-3729 with any questions.


Confirmation! No exact details of course, but here from the Morel Finds page on

June 6th, 2008: Brian Grant burnsite morel – general location = Newberry Michigan Growing Conditions = Hi Chris We had 20,000 acres burn here around Sleeper Lake in the UP last August and fire burn morels have showed up here since last weekend. I’ve never seen them in Michigan before except in pictures.I have picked around 80 pounds since Saturday. The burned pine areas are producing the best. Unbelievable! Should be good pickin through the weekend with these cooler temps and more rain now. This is a once in a lifetime for me, I’m sure. Additional Comments = Chris…Will a burn area such as this, produce any next year? Very little the second year. – Chris M


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