Trapster snapshot of speed traps in Ann Arbor (and the rest of the US)


At a previous employer’s previous location, my office was on a street (Depot St) regularly used to speed through town. Every day people would zoom to and from the hospital, and every day the AAPD would stop some fraction of them to give them tickets. I was glad for it too – to cross Depot when cars are barreling along at 45 in a 30 zone was not fun. Slow down already.

Trapster is a national database of speed traps. As a registered user, you contribute locations where police issue a lot of tickets; it gathers them up and maps them and shares them. There’s a mobile interface for the Symbian series of phones that uses their internal geolocation system to alert you when you’re near one (video below).

Thanks to Mohan Kartha for the heads up.


6 thoughts on “Trapster snapshot of speed traps in Ann Arbor (and the rest of the US)

  1. Kate

    Hey Ed–I think the speed limit is actually 25 MPH on Depot (at least the part in front of the Gandy Dancer and Casey’s). I am a big fan of that speed trap–the people coming off shift at the hospital are usually so tired that their driving skills are lousy. Better that they be encouraged to go extra slow!

  2. Edward Vielmetti

    Here’s a link to a photo of the Google car that does the street view surveys –
    some poetic justice would be served to have this picture pop up inside the Trapster maps.

  3. smokeonit

    trapster is international! not only US… some countries actually have a really good coverage, like the netherlands. germany for example is still very spotty in terms of speed traps… but some people already posted some…

  4. smokeonit

    and there will be a “real” trapster app for the iphone in the near future! no just web based trapster without the real time tracking feature that is based on loki/skyhookwireless…
    once the iphone will have a real trapster app i think this service will really take off!
    the other operating systems make it very tedious to update and use everything on them… the iphone and its ease of use will let users excel;-)

  5. Edward

    Navteq has acquired Trapster:
    “Earlier this week, the ink dried on a deal for Navteq to acquire Trapster, the speed trap and road hazard tracking company that makes GPS apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Navteq’s interest in Trapster is obvious: One of the world’s largest mapping and sat-nav software companies needs more crowd-sourced traffic information. With over nine million downloads, Trapster has both the reach and programming knowledge to expand the depth and breadth of the firm’s traffic data.”


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