free on election day: a sample

I voted sticker from electionstickers.comsticker image from

There is no way on earth this is going to be complete, but here's something like a list.  comments welcomed.  here is an NPR story and interview with some background; some places require indication of voting, others will go on the honor system.

(didn't find anything special yet for Ann Arbor, but I'm sure there's something)

Krispy Kreme: free donut (via Budget Travel / Newsweek / New York)
Ben and Jerry's: free scoops 5p-8p (via New York)
Starbucks: free tall coffee (via srah)
SitterCity: free or discounted babysitting (new subscribers only)

Austin, TX: free bus rides on Capital Metro; free cab rides for seniors and the mobility impaired
Chicago, IL: free coffee from Metropolis Coffee
Fargo, ND: free bus and paratransit rides

CREDO Mobile: free calls


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