November outlook – key words, themes, trends

Holiday traffic is seasonal, and we are in the post-Halloween, post-election, pre-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas season now.  Just look at the typical retail display which is already showing holiday stuff.

Based on a study of the last three year's worth of traffic to this blog, here's some things you can anticipate me writing between now and the end of November, in part because I'll write it down because I need to know it, and in part because it's just that time of the year.  A wildcard that I don't have is any long experience with a political transition, so I'll throw in something in that slot.

Food and drink – recipes suitable for Thanksgiving and the season, including vegetarian and vegan side dishes; if there's time I'll recap one year's Tofu Turkey but we probably won't make one this year.

Farmer's Market – even though the season is drawing to a close, I'm still there every Saturday with Saul – we'll make sure to take good notes.  It's particularly fun to cook with the local food bloggers since they are shopping at the same place.

Michigan Football – it's getting to the end of a long dim season, and so there should be at least something to say, even if it's just construction photographs, entertaining accounts of 19c interstate border warfare, and parking price updates.

Change – change is in the air, so there's probably enough to create a new category to deal with that.  "embrace change" (picture of a hand grabbing a fistful of quarters).

[Category name] – Last year, the most popular page in the [category name] category was [post title], so I'll expand on that and explore [related topics].

Here's some helpful graphs to help you see when things happen in the mass consciousness, as measured by Google trends.  Here is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah:


and here's football vs. hockey (US only to remove "soccer" traffic):



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