“crush collision”, a new album from The MD5

No, not really, but wouldn't it be awesome?

This is the team that wrote the paper MD5 considered harmful today: Creating a rogue CA certificate which showed that the security model of HTTPS can be defeated using a combination of attacks on the MD5 hash algorithm plus non-random serial numbers in the popular RapidSSL and FreeSSL certificates.  They used a cluster of 200 PS3s for a weekend of number crunching.


The techno show Crush Collision is on Thursdays at 10pm Eastern on WCBN.

1 thought on ““crush collision”, a new album from The MD5

  1. Spencer

    After reading the paper, it seems to me that the proper response, for now, is to remove the suspect root certs from my browser.
    I note that Verisign has already said it will stop using MD5 for new RapidSSL certs.


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