Australia (Victoria, Melbourne area), February 2009 fire map

As pulled from the Google Australia weblog on the fires in Australia goes into detail and has a live map of the fires, included below.

As a snapshot of this here's what it looked like when I grabbed it this morning:

Picture 21

There's more maps of fire in Australia at aus-emaps; this is a link to static copies of maps, which is better than the live image because of heavy server load.

The University of Maryland / NASA MODIS view of Australian fires has satellite coverage as well as historical coverage so that you can get details on past days fire and previous years. 

The best single source I could find for maps of Australia is aus-emaps. They say about themselves:

This site brings together a number of third party services to provide a single reference point to a comprehensive collection of online maps of Australia (whole-of-the-continent to street level) and location-specific information.
Our online mapping service is intended to be operational 24/7, however, occasional disruptions may occur. We give no warranties as to its fitness for any purpose or availability since we have no control over services and content provided by others.
This online mapping service may change at any time. See our terms of use for further details.
Special thanks to Mike Williams for his inspirational tutorials and to Google Map Development Team for sharing source code to so many interesting applications.

update: a fire map of Australia showing the fire seasons, from the global fire monitoring center at Uni Freiburg.


10 thoughts on “Australia (Victoria, Melbourne area), February 2009 fire map

  1. Edward Vielmetti

    news accounts from The Australian, terrifying.,24897,25026913-601,00.html
    “A SMOKY orange dawn rose over Marysville yesterday, revealing what emergency workers had dreaded throughout the long night.
    The popular mountain hamlet of 600 people, 100km northeast of Melbourne, was no longer there.
    Its neat tree-lined streets, its houses and up to a dozen of its residents had been engulfed by the inferno that roared into town like a freight train, leaving a moonscape of twisted roofs and smouldering cars. ”

  2. Edward Vielmetti
    This is ABC Melbourne’s main page, as of today the text includes:
    Bushfire information
    If you want to know how you can help, go to the How Can I Help page (link to the left). Stay tuned to ABC Local Radio for updates and advice on bushfires in your area. The Bushfire Information Line is 1800 240 667. People going to relief centres (or people trying to locate family or friends) should phone the Red Cross State Inquiry Centre on 1800 727 077

    There is also a streaming audio link.

  3. Edward Vielmetti,21985,25024406-2862,00.html
    Herald Sun via AAP:
    Yarra Valley tourist town Marysville devastated by bushfire
    An aerial view of Marysville this morning reveals the extent of the devastation. Picture: Mark Smith
    VIRTUALLY the entire township of Marysville in the Yarra Valley has been destroyed by the bushfires.
    Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) said there had been “significant structure losses” in the town, but everyone was safe.
    According to fire authorities, residents were safely evacuated to the local sports ground, Gallipoli Park.

  4. Edward Vielmetti
    Satellite: Aqua
    Date Acquired: 01/30/2009
    Resolutions: 1km (136.2 KB)
    500m (482.5 KB)
    250m (1.2 MB)
    Bands Used: 1,4,3
    Credit: Jeff Schmaltz
    MODIS Land Rapid Response Team,
    A crippling heat wave and strong winds in southeastern Australia contributed to an outbreak of forest and grassland fires in Victoria in late January 2009. By January 30, about 5,500 hectares had burned and at least 10 homes had been destroyed, reported the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The homes were located in a small community near the town of Boolara. Nearly surrounded by wildfire, the town had also run out of water and lost power, said ABC News.
    This image from the MODIS on NASA’s Aqua satellite was captured on January 30. A large plume of smoke spreads southward from a fire (outlined in red) that appears to be burning in a small area of forest west of Churchill (a larger town near Boolara) in Victoria’s Gippsland region. The forest is dark green in contrast to the surrounding grass or cropland. The fire, says ABC News, started as two blazes in plantation forests in the Strzelecki Ranges. The large version of the scene shows a wider area that includes several other fires.

  5. Edward Vielmetti
    Current Overview
    Please note – due to unprecedented demand on this website,
    Geoscience Australia has had to temporarily remove access to the interactive application.
    Please use Current Overview to check on current major incidents.
    About SENTINEL
    What is Sentinel Hotspots?
    The Sentinel Bushfire Monitoring (aka Sentinel Hotspots) System is an internet-based mapping tool designed to provide timely spatial information to emergency service managers across Australia. The mapping system allows users to identify fire locations with a potential risk to communities and property. It can be accessed using a standard web browser.
    “The Commonwealth and other copyright holders advise that the information available from this website is to be used as a management tool only. The information is able to indicate relative temperature differences or “hotspots”, but is not intended to be able to indicate the cause of or identify the nature of such “hotspots”. ”
    This is MODIS data available in KML format; it includes the temparatures of the hot spots.


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