Organizations that don’t exist yet, but should

National Association of Professional Lunch Organizers.   For people who organize civic, professional, and industry meetings at lunchtime.  Publishes a national directory of meeting times and locations organized by day of the week, and a guide to the tax laws on entertainment expenses with a handy records filing system for the lunch professional.   Their for-profit software development spinoff, NAPLOsoft, produces mobile phone applications with customized daily alerts for travelers for professional lunch opportunities wherever they are.  Local organizing meetings of NAPLO are always held at breakfast time (because you don't want to interfere with work).


Ann Arbor Downtown Software Development Authority.  This organization captures tax increment financing from increases in the value of intellectual property in downtown Ann Arbor, and uses those funds to provide project financing for programs that assist in the development of human capital and information infrastructure.  The DsDA also operates an innovative system of "municipal data garages" which offer  computing and storage resources paid for by user fees as well as a network access point to the Alameda-Weehauken Burrito Tunnel.

photo: MAE East, IT History blog, Paul Ceruzzi

Lunch non-summary for a2b3 for March 12, 2009: 34 people there, a status update on the parking project, lots of good discussion.


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