DTE power outage on 25 April 2009 is worst in Oakland County, Michigan

Bild 13DTE Energy is Detroit Edison + Michigan Consolidated Gas.

This is a clipping from the DTE power outage map pulled at 11:15pm on Saturday, 25 April 2009.  If you have a network connection, you can get your own copy (as a PDF) from their web site.  The color coding at a glance is simple: outage intensity goes pale blue, pale yellow, bright pink, bright orane, and angry red.  No angry red on this map.

The Oakland Press has news of Oakland County, so I'll defer to them for details.  The power outage story they wrote has a byline credit to Jerry Wolffe

There were at least 120,000 DTE Energy customers without electricity in
Southeastern Michigan, said utility spokesman Scott Simons.

The utility, which has 2.2 million electricity customers in the state,
is calling in repair crews from other parts of the state and other
states, Simons said.

It will take at least a “couple of days” to restore power to customers, he predicted.

Damage from the storm in Oakland County was extensive.

Damage extends to St Clair County – this report from 8pm Saturday from Bob Thomas, twitter user @btcomp

Power out in much
of St. Clair County, Michigan (Port Huron) running generator to cycle
refrig and freezers until 11pm & off till morning.

I know that the Kensington Metropark lost power part of the afternoon because the kids did not get to do the scheduled sheep-shearing; still a fun time.

Brighton, MI was hard hit in the first wave of storms, with soccer games cancelled or cut short and kids running for cover, per a conversation with a friend who was one of those who ran for cover.

Lansing Give Camp had a complete power outage, per @jayharris:

Weather fail at #LansingGiveCamp. Complete power failure. Coding comes to a halt. Epic Fail of all Epic Fails.

but subsequent accounts via twitter make it look like they abandoned their original venue and split up to a variety of locations that did have power and wifi and carried on as planned.

Thanks to Lansing Center and @ehart67 for helping out #LansingGiveCamp with relocation.

All in all a typical summer thunderstorm with trees down, some dislocations and network failures, and quite a few adaptable people.


1 thought on “DTE power outage on 25 April 2009 is worst in Oakland County, Michigan

  1. Edward Vielmetti

    Sunday story from the Oakland Press, again Jerry Wolffe:
    “Amos Dodson, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in White Lake Township, said winds of 75 mph knocked down trees, utility poles and blew off roof shingles throughout the county.
    He said there were no reports of funnel clouds during the storm.
    Traffic lights at many intersections, especially in Farmington, Milford Township and Lake Orion, were damaged during the storm and police officers had to control traffic.”


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