30 years ago today, or the value of newspaper archives

The Marquette Mining Journal printed this today, in their "30 Years Ago" column:

Marquette Serior High School freshman Ed Vielmetti, 14, son of Mrs Katherine Vielmetti, 415 E. Michigan St., won honorable mention in the 22nd annual Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition.  For his showing, Vielmetti received a certificate and copy of "Mathematics Gems," from the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The Michigan Math Prize Competition has a storied history:

The first contest was held in the spring of 1958 and drew 6100 students
from 315 high schools. Since then the competition has mushroomed,
reaching at times about 25,000 high school students from close to 600
schools participating in the preliminary contest.

Newspapers that have been around for a long time have deep archives that can be mined for old stories that are relevant again, or for old news that sheds light on what's going on now.  Sometimes the back of a clipping will tell a contemporaneous story that sheds light on the times in ways that the ahistorical Internet world of news (where everything looks new and shiny) never can.  For you see – the web page does not have a reverse side, but the newspaper does, and the web page does not yellow with age.


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