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Ignite Ann Arbor 1 a rousing success

There were a ton of people twittering from the event, held tonight at the Neutral Zone.  It started promptly at 7pm, ended promptly at 9pm, featured a single-elimination rock scissors paper tournament (A2RSP, of course), and was generally and genuinely awesome.  Attendance was about 200.

Trek Glowacki:

Best event I've attended all year. Nearly perfect execution from both speakers and organizers. Congrats to all involved.

A few high points: Eli Neiburger from the AADL on hacking your library; Eric from the Ann Arbor Go Club on the game of Go; the friggin lasers at the A2 Mechshop; high flying balloons; backyard satellite weather, and two versions of News 2.0, at least one of which should be better than News 184x where the publisher accepted payment in potatoes.

I hope I'm not going to get paid in potatoes.  (Well, maybe a bonus in potatoes.)


how to post photos from a blackberry to the net

So, I have a new Blackberry replacing my old Blackberry.  The new device has a camera in it, which I never had before in a phone.  So therefore I need to figure out how to get pictures from the phone to the various places I put pictures now and understand the path.

Facebook: My phone has a Facebook app – it was even pre-installed.  So the camera has a "Send to Facebook" menu entry, which sends it up.  Here's a few docs.  I've used this already, it's fast and easy.

Twitter.  The service that I've seen people use that seems like it works pretty well is Twitpic; it was good enough to capture a plane landing on the Hudson.  To make it work, the consensus seems to be that the best way to go is to send the photo via email to your Twitpic address.  Haven't gotten that far yet.

Typepad.  Typepad has a Blackberry app; haven't tried it yet.  

Flickr.  There's an existing "email your photos to Flickr" process; Flickr also allows you newly to announce new photos to Twitter.  Here's a Flickr / Twitter tutorial.  Again sounds like a good thing to work my way through, again haven't done it yet.

overall – my todo list looks like "set up email" next, which gets me Twitter/twitpic; then install the Blackberry app for Typepad; then dig into Flickr's config to post to Twitter.  If things work right, I will be able to show things they way they should be.

south u. restaurant changes – four bits of Asian restaurant news

I got a chance to walk down South University this morning and noticed four restaurants underway with work but not open yet.

Momo Tea's owner and a contractor were in the store working on things, and didn't yet have a date for when they were going to open.

Miki is taking the space in U Towers where NYPD used to be, or where Orange Julius used to be, depending on your reference point for geography.  I didn't see any work going on in the place.

Ayaka had a sign in the window saying "Now Hiring" and there was enough paper over the window to make it impossible to see in.

And Chef Jan's China Gate on the corner of South U and Church has a sign in the window "Now serving Pho" (but they used the proper spelling Phở.)

These four, plus all of the other asian restaurants in that neighborhood, makes it quite a concentration.

Here's a list of all of the permits in the City of Ann Arbor's Trakit system on South University, so you can figure out where everyone stands with occupancy permits (haven't decoded it all yet).

Learning Movable Type on day two

day two of my new position at :

Full day of training on Movable Type.  We started with a mostly empty install (hosted on a temporary EC2 instance; nice setup) and the team added users, made comments, posted entries and worked through the admin screens.  I know that most people won't be working at this level most of the time, but it's also really good to give people some sense of what is possible with the tool and how the workflow and process starts to work.

I can only imagine what it would take to run a newspaper in the era before content management systems, the world of green screen terminals and baroque editorial process.

I'm also incredibly happy that I have been using Typepad, because the full MT system looks and feels familiar in many ways.

Some references for MT admin details:

Twelve things to update when you get a new job

A checklist for Monday.

1.  Blog.  Put a new photo in the sidebar, and update "about me" page.
2.  Twitter.  New mini-bio, new photo, update the link as appropriate.
3.  Arborwiki. edit the Edward Vielmetti page; that will be the "about me" link.
4.  LinkedIn.  Create the new position, new title.  Get a recommendation.
5.  Facebook.  Make some clever remark, update photo, bio.
6.  Google profile.  Google is probably keeping track of something.
7.  Google search.  Look at all the results from the first page; update.
8.  Short URL.  Find a URL shortening service, create a suitable landing page.
9.  Identify the canonical place where comments should go; link to that.
10.  Email lists.  You're on some; announce there.  Be brief.
11.  Update your signature.
12.  New greeting on phone message.

I'm not sure about the order of these; the phone might be the first on the list.

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