a blogger reads the newspaper: day 13

Another copy of the Ann Arbor Gerbil showed up on my sidewalk this morning.  It's nice to have a morning paper, much nicer than the mid-afternoon Ann Arbor Snooze that used to never arrive quite early enough to read over lunch, and by the time it got to be after dinner to read it it was most of a day old.

Some of last week's Gerbils that were left on lawns unread decayed enough to leave crumbs of newspaper on the lawns of apartment buildings on Packard, no worse so far than the occasional decaying NY Times or Wall St Journals that sometimes pile up in front of student rentals unread.

There was a little bit of news in it this time – a few words with one of the new school board members who got elected after unsuccessfully withdrawing from the election, and a profile of one of the new vendors at Farmer's Market.   It seemed like mostly ads, though I didn't cut it up and weigh it to show that.  The first glance at the obits looked like it was mostly Chelsea names there.

Still no RSS feed for the web site, so you have to count on the Newani icon to guide your way.

I'm looking forward to next week's first Squirrel to see how they compare.

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