Stuffed peppers with leftover grains recipe

The basic idea is from Martha Rose "Fast Vegetarian Feasts" 1986, p. 103.  It's very simple, as befits her normal cooking.  Cut the tops from peppers, clean them out, fill with a mix of leftover rice and beans and top with cheese.  Bake 30 to 40 minutes, as long as it takes for things to get as soft as you want.

I'm guessing I'll end up using black beans; there's rice from yesterday.  We have an abundance of tomatoes from market, since it's the season when you order a half a peck they are SO HAPPY that someone wants their roma tomatoes in quantity that you end up with an extra pint of cherry tomatoes just to taste.  The 4 y/o will want the beans plain.

Cook all the peppers in the fridge, there will be more on Saturday. The freeze watch line is as far south as Gaylord, so we should be good for a few more weeks.


2 thoughts on “Stuffed peppers with leftover grains recipe

  1. Edward

    Frost warnings for Weds night – that’s an early frost. I think I should go to farmers market tomorrow and stock up on something.
    Peppers were a big hit. I ended up making the rice like so:
    heat olive oil on heat level 5.5; chop onions; saute in olive oil; add garlic, basil, oregano to onions; add rice until it all looks good.
    to stuff the peppers do cheese on the bottom, then the rice mixture, then a bit more cheese on top.
    to clean out the rice pan add some chopped roma tomatoes and make a tomato-rice sauce – next time make more.


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