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The smallest piece of lego

is still worth fighting over, if you and your brother both want it.

What’s the smallest piece of lego?

A eurobricks forum suggests it is a flower petal.

Lugnut says a gold coin, weighing in at just over 0.056 g; the flower petal is a hefty 0.064 g.

For reference, a 1×1 plate is 0.176 g and a 1×8 brick is 3.06 g.

You’ll need a lot of legos to build a lego mosaic. I don’t even want to thing about the cost of lego bricks per kilogram, or maybe I will; this package of 25 1×8 bricks has an MSRP of $6, or about $80/kg, or $36/lb. This discussion on classic-space suggests mixed lego goes for $9-12/lb in 2009 dollars.

LEGO is a registered trademark owned by the LEGO Group. And don’t you forget it.


Subaru Forester 2006 diagnostic code P0851

Check engine light goes on, and the cruise control light blinks.  The vehicle's owner is concerned.

Drive the car to an auto parts store (O'Reilly, formerly Murray's), borrow their diagnostic tool, read out the code.  The tool itself doesn't say too much about what it is, but it was free to use, and it was easy to use.  Note to self: next time the check engine light goes on on any vehicle, take it there first.

Spend some time searching online; after what seems like too much time, find this Subaru service bulletin, titled Diagnostic procedures for P0851/P0852. See also a copy of this on the BSR site, also Diagnostic procedures for P0851/P0852.

An answer on JustAnswers makes it look like a routine task and not a safety concern, but with all of this car stuff, it's hard to know precisely.