a delicious torpor

It’s a great word; I was looking for some great people who used it.

Google Books is my first search for this stuff, but I wanted to give the query narrowing “search only fiction”.  Can’t do that; ah, perhaps I can; “subject:fiction torpor” looks pretty good.  From The Count of Monte-Cristo:

1 thought on “a delicious torpor

  1. Edward

    More torpor:
    “Seasonality of torpor patterns and physiological variables of a free-ranging subtropical bat
    C. Stawski* and F. Geiser
    Centre for Behavioural and Physiological Ecology, Zoology, University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales 2351, Australia
    * Author for correspondence (cstawski@une.edu.au)
    Accepted 25 October 2009
    Seasonal changes in weather and food availability differ vastly between temperate and subtropical climates, yet knowledge on how free-ranging subtropical insectivorous bats cope with such changes is limited. We quantified ambient temperatures, torpor patterns and thermal physiology of subtropical insectivorous northern long-eared bats, Nyctophilus bifax, during summer (n=13) and winter (n=8) by temperature telemetry.”


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