Grayling area fires – Range 9 fire, Meridian Boundary fire

image from
 A few notes, mostly to figure out where the real coverage is.

Interlochen Public Radio

A fire started on a range at Camp Grayling yesterday is out. But firefighters continue to battle another, larger blaze north of Roscommon. 

Michigan DNRE is on Twitter (@mdnre) and Facebook, plus their regular web page.

Fire maps: Range 9 fire, Meridian Boundary fire.  Maps subject to change.

Local news: Crawford County Avalanche news story, “Wildfires force residents to evacuate their homes“.  Gaylord Herald Times story has a photo.

The Bay City Times has Grayling Fire coverage for MLive.

Michigan DNR has Meridian Boundary Fire photos, quite dramatic.

The view from Frederic on Tuesday of the smaller Range 9 fire; the narration is while it’s happening, before the viewer knew what was going on.


4 thoughts on “Grayling area fires – Range 9 fire, Meridian Boundary fire

  1. Djbuchanan

    That is bad for the people who were affected but great for the endangered Kirtland’s warbler. It is one of the rarest members of the wood warbler bird family and those are its summer nesting grounds. Without a fire like this every few years it would not survive. Much of the Jack Pine forest up there is serotinous and made to burn ( Unfortunately more people now live there and are unaware of the fire hazard around them.

  2. Edward

    7am incident report from DNRE:
    Current Status:
    Location: South Branch Township, Crawford County
    Size: Approximately 8,500 acres
    Percent contained: 80 percent as of 6:00 p.m. May 20, 2010
    Injuries/Deaths: None
    Evacuation Status: Evacuation order on west side is still in effect.
    The DNRE announced today that M-18 and the area east of M-18 will be reopened Friday, May 21, at 1:00 p.m. We ask that you drive safely with your lights on and do not stop within the blackened areas. Smoke, heavy equipment, potholes of heat, and trees that have burned but remain standing (snags) are in the area and present hazards for citizens who get out of their cars.

  3. Edward

    Field and Stream:
    Photo is from (21May10). Not sure who took it – appears to be looking S/SE from above the Mason Tract. Can see how close the 8,800 acre fire came to the South Branch of the Au Sable. It’s spring so the area hasn’t fully greened up, yet. Reported that the fire grew from 1,000 to 3,000 acres in just 30 minutes and then up to 5,000 acres in 2 hours. Started with a debris burn.


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