New design

Mostly, the design is new because I was ready to scrap a bland custom design and go with something from the Typepad gallery.  I also like this one in part because it has a nice wide area for pictures in blog posts.

I had to hit "shift-refresh" to force everything to load.

There's something effortlessly fun in doing a redesign just by picking a selection from a menu, and suddenly having everything look new.  How few things work that way!

It was especially nice that when I picked a photo to use for the theme, that the system suggested an appropriate accompanying color palette.

Also noted, 5/22/2010: as author, my top navigation bar has an "edit post" button, so I can change things well after the fact.  This is promising.  I do notice that there are no archives links anymore and no easy way for anyone to notice that I've been plugging away at this for years, but the "search" box is very welcomed, and should unearth some things that would have otherwise been buried.

3/19/11: The design I had picked was "Chroma". I've swapped that out for "Journal Black", which served to restore the category and archive links. –Ed

4/24/13: Now using the "Clean" theme, with radically simplified sidebars.

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5 thoughts on “New design

  1. Edward

    Thanks David!
    I threw in a custom sidebar to put in some random debris, notably the archives link you posted. Copy and paste from the source code gave me the styling. Good for now!

  2. Edward

    Still hacking on the archives piece, to give myself the necessary “been at this a decade” street cred, and also so that I have an easy way to go back to previous year, same month to figure out what’s seasonal. I think I got it.


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