mindless mindfulness

I used this phrase in my meaningless indicators of progress post.

Some other uses of it, just so I manage to put it in an appropriate context:

Chronicle of Higher Education has a story called The Art of Living Mindfully on the work of Ellen Langer. Her blog is not frequent but it is thoughtful.

We have been explicitly and implicitly taught by our culture to be mindless. We have been taught absolutes when none really exist independent of context. When we think we know something absolutely, we have learned that it is reasonable never to question it, nor to pay attention to how it may be otherwise. Beliefs and behavior always make some kind of sense from the actor’s perspective or else the actor would have done otherwise. Blame suggests mindlessness on the part of the blamer who does not recognize this. We are not at fault for what we do not know just because someone else can see a way we could have known it.

Just Breathe: Meditation as Organizational Slack is a paper by Kaisa G. Holloway Cripps.  Mostly a literature review, it looks at meditation inside an organization and identifies ways where it may be useful to engage human resources that are slack.  The discussion reminds me of MBA consultants who work like dogs for months and then are periodically "on the beach" for a while when their gig is up.

I quickly hit Buddhism when I look up this phrase, the parts of Buddhism that I haven't lived close enough to that I appreciate all of the subtleties of the words.

Mindfulness within mindfulness mindfulness without mindfulness mindfulness with
mindfulness,” he mindlessly chants. “Shut up just shut it up already,” … (Circle This Mountain, mercifully abbreviated by Google Books)


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