Where will the freeway go?

Hiding in municipal archives across the county are maps of where the freeways will go.  Some of them got built, some of them didn’t.  Those documents will date from after the Second World War, and lots of them will be 1950s and 1960s artifacts.

Some of the history will show up in land records; this account from Genoa Township looks typical

The land was farmed from 1950 until 1962 when the Michigan State Highway came through and condemned eight different parcels in the township to construct Interstate 96. The State Highway Department gave the homesteaders 30 days to get out of their way. The Herbst family received $17,500 for their condemned 43.9 acres, which was then cut in half on a 45° angle.

Before the land was suddenly condemned, there must have been maps, drawing, photos, studies.


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