Things I wish I had written, September 2010 edition

A travel guide from here to South Bend via US-12, with roadside geology and history; ditto, the road south on US-23 and its cross-section through the surface of the earth towards Bowling Green.

A look out the window of the Oxford Shuttle, a bus that goes around the University of Michigan central campus.

A reprise of the "top 10 internet cafes" post from 2006, updated with a lot of 2010 details.

10 bed and breakfasts in the area, plus a long list more, all based on first hand research.

Where to watch the Michigan-Notre Dame Game anywhere in the country, with notes on which of the places serve Michigan beers.

Which little place between here and Amherst, Mass. serves a mean Michigan dog, and what exactly do they mean by Michigan dogs there?

How to ship a shipping container on the Great Lakes, and how to float one downstream from Ann Arbor to the sea or up the lakes to the UP.  Portaging might be hard, especially with low water.

There will be a chance to write all these again, but sometimes the idea is overtaken by events, and then you have to have a new idea.


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