Local, seasonal recipe guide

It's harvest time, which means there are a lot of recipes you can do with food that you can buy locally. One thing that would help that a lot is finding the people who buy the same stuff you do, and who share the same tastes, and who can work with you to figure out how to stock up so you have enough on your shelves always to get a meal on the table.

The approach that seems best is to come up with a harvest calendar for each kind of produce that you enjoy, and then to use it as a set of filters into which you set in a bunch of recipes.

The end result could be as simple as tuning in to the local markets, figuring out what is exceptionally good quality or good value at the moment, and then getting back a list of recipes that takes advantage of that. For the handful of things that only show up once a year for a short season (quince, paw paws) you want to anticipate that with recipes so that when they do show you are ready to go.

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