Museum of Creative Calendar Design and the Chrono-Shredder by Susan Hertrich

Chrono-Shredder The Museum of Creative Calendar Design has a large collection of calendars created by designers, in the genre of creative work to be given as presents to your best clients. One of the works highlighted is the Chrono-Shredder by Susan Hertrich, which "shreds every day in real time". Another set of photos of the system, as installed, is at Vvork. Core77 collects this observation:

In an exploration of fictional tools for hibernators, Susanna Hertrich developed the Chrono_shredder, a product that serves as a reminder to live one's life productively. The 365-day calendar is dispensed day-by-day from a single roll, each day shredded over an exact 24-hour period.

I can imagine creating the counterpart to this work, a calendar which is a fax machine connected to a phone line that faxes in, slowly, line by line, the image of the next day's calendar page. I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to decide what bit rate corresponds to one 8.5" by 11" calendar page per day.


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