How far away is “within walking distance”?

Done chronologically, based on a question by Ryan Burns.

London, 1859. 

Of these the unsentimental Gaylad was exceedingly enamoured and indeed there were few northcountry feasts within walking distance — that is to say within fifteen miles each way – whereat the whole of the reading party did not make their appearance in order to witness "the sports"; and not always to witness only.  (The Foster Brothers, James Payn)

Harper's Magazine, 1884

Frazer Falls and the Chute are within walking distance, being each about five miles from the hotels while the wonderful Trou is four miles farther off and is popular place for picnics.

Ann Arbor, 2010

What hotels are in the area and are they within walking distance of Michigan Stadium? 
There are no hotels within walking distance. The Campus Inn and Bell Tower are directly on campus. (note: Campus Inn is about 1.5 miles away.)


One thought on “How far away is “within walking distance”?

  1. A Johnson

    Based on both personal experience and a recent remark from an American in Ireland for the first time, ‘walking distance’ is still much further in the UK than it is in the US, particularly in cities where traffic congestion makes it quicker to walk than drive.
    Other examples of long journeys on foot in
    p 228 of this mentions a journey of 30 – 40 miles, to go to church on a Sunday.


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