Typhoon Megi or Typhoon Juan maps

A few maps or links to same.

Tropical storm coverage

Tropical Storm Risk covers all storms in the tropics.


Weather China radar.


Taiwan Central Weather Bureau has maps and forecasts.

A rainfall map accompanies a Taipei Times story about rockslides.

Hong Kong

Map from Hong Kong Observatory.

Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Map of Megi.  JTWC is run by the US Navy.


Philippine Loop  from NOAA Southern Hemisphere Services. Updated hourly at 25 after the hour.

Project EPIC: Megi Map. Takes reports from Twitter, classifies and geocodes, puts it on a map.

Crisis Mappers has a link to major reservoirs in the Luzon area and their current status.

Wunderground's Jeff Masters blog entry on Typhoon Megi is full of analysis and imagery.


5 thoughts on “Typhoon Megi or Typhoon Juan maps

  1. Edward

    Al Jazeera report:
    The northeastern province of Isabela was the first to feel the typhoon’s fury on Monday morning although there were no immediate reports of casualties, chief government weatherman Graciano Yumol said.
    “The natural hazards are taking place. There are landslides in the mountains, we have swells, storm surges and big waves along the coast line, and now we have flood alerts,” Yumol said in an interview with GMA 7 television.


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