Things I wish I had already written, October 2010 edition

A monthly recounting of stories not told, or code not written, or things otherwise that should have been done by me or at least discovered by me, but not done; this, the October 2010 edition.

A detailed breakdown of AATA route productivity by hour and by route, showing which of the routes are the busiest at which times of day.  (A start at bus tracking; the easy to grab data is late times.) 

A set of recipes for quince, with notes on what I actually made and where to pick quince off the tree in parks in Ann Arbor based on the city tree list. (An account of making quince jam, using a quince purchased from ZZ's; doesn't look any harder than making applesauce.)

The automated script to pull a council agenda and hyperlink or wikify it to match Capitalized Phrases to wiki pages inside Arborwiki. (Alas, The Council Agenda Is All Capitalized Phrases; This Will Take Some Effort.)

How to hyperlink directly to Ann Arbor City Code (by short URL) and also to Ann Arbor City Council agenda items.

How to get a personal protection order if someone harasses you online and in person, and how to get a trespass order written.

A walking tour of the October vegetation at Olson Park, complete with a bunch of photos and Latin names for everything.

How to get to Chelsea on the bus, based on a ride that I made myself, with a full day commute complete with kid dropoff, morning deadline, lunch, afternoon moderation and kid pickup here. (Start with the Washtenaw Wave schedule.)

How to quickly go from wiki markup to publication-ready HTML markup using tools, and how to edit those tools to reflect your peculiar world. (wiky is the closest, but it's in Javascript which isn't one of my native languages.)

A review of the new Mighty Good Coffee on North Main, and how the Workantile vibe has changed now that it no longer has a cafe for a front.  (Done, partially, here: The view out the window from Mighty Good Coffee.)

A review of the Embassy Hotel, based on a overnight stay. 

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