delicious ketchup

As an exercise for wanting to keep enough bookmarks in delicious, or more likely its crowd of descendants, I provide to you some delicious ketchup.

The problem with a general Google search for ketchup is that there is so much ketchup out there – so many recipes, so many products, so much Heinz everywhere.

The delicious search for ketchup for me was a directed search; I knew that one of those interesting magazines that comes from New York City had a story about ketchup once, and how it was the perfect food.

What I was really after, and what I found readily (since 34 people have bookmarked it on pinboard) was Malcolm Gladwell’s 2004 The Ketchup Conundrum. After finding that, I readily found Meg Favreau’s Playing Ketchup and Johan Lehrer’s Ketchup from The Frontal Cortex.

As for recipes (other than “buy a bottle of Heinz”), try

One of my search strategies in finding things that I had previously known about is to search for them with my name attached, e.g. a search for “vielmetti ketchup”. This is less about ego and more about retrieval; you can do the same with your favorite prolific blogger or news source (“kottke ketchup” generates an equally interesting set).

I wonder if you’ve been getting enough ketchup.

(Prairie Home Companion “ketchup” skit went here, but it loaded soooo slowly.)

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