Australia flood map, January 10, 2011

Source is the Australia River and Rainfall Conditions page from the Australia Bureau of Meteorology.

Also of note is the 1 week rainfall map from the Climate page on the same source

More maps and map collections:

VerySpatial: Australian flood maps. A very good comprehensive collection of flood maps, from which several of the maps below are sourced.

Larvatus Proveo: Brisbane flood maps and up to date flood information. Updated regularly with the latest from this Australian group blog.

The Guardian: Australia floods, an interactive map.

Brisbane Business News: 1974 Flood map (pdf). Flood levels for Brisbane neighborhoods during the 1974 floods, showing where the riverbanks overflowed their banks.

Brisbane flood maps. Detailed maps, neighborhood by neighborhood, of predicted flooding; this site is a mirror, set up after the Brisbane City Council official site went down under heavy load. (pdfs)

NASA: Flooding in Rockhampton, Queensland. Satellite photography with false color showing the extent of the deluge.

World News Australia: Queensland flood map

ABC: Queensland flood map, a crowdsourced map.

Wikipedia: 2010-2011 Queensland Floods

Personal story, from the "City of Sound" weblog: Flood.

I'm writing this by candlelight as the power at home went some 12 hours ago now. The irony of using an iPad by candlelight is not lost on me. The iPad is in 'flight mode' to conserve power. Though 'fight mode' might be better description, as we're staying put rather than heading out of town. 'Fight or flight mode' perhaps.

On the air, ABC radio South Queensland has emergency coverage streaming audio from their AM radio services.

Scanner is running on UStream, "South east qld flood scanner", with audio from emergency services, and video from one of the tv networks (Sky news national?)

More audio/video, television from ABC News 24 (global access).



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