AOL buys Huffington Post; also, piffle

Paid Content, on the New Yorker's Auletta's take on AOL:

Auletta, who dismisses most of AOL’s content as “piffle,” says “quality is a problem for the entire AOL (NYSE: AOL) empire.” 

And some piffle from the Huffington Post, which has elevated the SEO of inane comments to a science:


What unthinking right wing piffle.

Piffle. Absolute piffle from the pifflinges­t of all British Rightwing, hate-monge­ring tabloids. 

Now, AOL with more piffle, buying the Huffington Post (NY Times); quoting AOL's Tim Armstrong:

“I think this is going to be a situation where 1 plus 1 equals 11.”

Techcrunch understands, though:

The fact is, it’s almost impossible to find a single ‘content’ company on the web that maintains a horseshit:quality ratio better than 10:1.

As for content, you might better find it on the blogs than in 'content' companies, preferably blogs written by people who are not getting paid to write; e.g. the weblog "Piffle", written by someone who is a bit ambiguous about who they are writing to and what they are writing for, but still manages to keep it up for 4 years and 350 posts before giving up. 

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