Brick Bash 2011: Ann Arbor Lego event March 19 at WCC

Brick Bash 2011 was March 19 at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor Township. Show details are at I may have seen you there. The event is organized annually by Duane Collicott, who runs the Bricks For Brains organization that does educational, hands-on building exhibits with LEGO.

From previous years, a photo set: Brick Bash 2008.

Some highlights of this show; photos and links to come:

Big layouts with trains from the Michigan LEGO Users Group and the Central Ohio LEGO Train Club.

Mosaics from Christopher Doyle at Reasonably Clever, including a QR code mosaic and one that looks for all the world like stained glass.


Architectural models from Arthur Gugick, A Piece of the World; on the left is St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, next to the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

More LEGO buildings, including a LEGO Renaissance Center and a LEGO Burj Khalifa. 

Several tables full of LEGO pieces for kids to make their own creations, known to cognoscenti as MOCs.

A LEGO version of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Edward Vielmetti watches his son Saul Vielmetti build with LEGO, and often cleans up afterwards. Reach both of them at or 734-330-2465.


1 thought on “Brick Bash 2011: Ann Arbor Lego event March 19 at WCC

  1. Anand V Deodhar

    I m charmed by Model View St Basils Cathedral,I want to buy Model St Basis Cathedral. I m retired chief engineer, from Mumbai ( Bombay ) India, Can I get it in India


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