Discardia for Spring 2011 runs from March 20 to April 3

Discardia is a holiday to celebrate and teach letting go of what doesn’t add value to your life – whether a physical object, habit, or emotional baggage – and replacing it with what makes your world more awesome. (Dinah Sanders)

Each quarter I celebrate the modern holiday of Discardia. This quarter's Discardia runs from March 20 (the vernal equinox) to April 3 (the new moon). Here's some of the things I did with my kids this Discardia season.

My younger son wanted a new LEGO set, but all of his current LEGO bricks are scattered hither and yon. After much shopping at the hardware store, we ended up with a multi-compartment portable storage box. Now the boys can sort through the LEGO they have and find the parts they want to build their own custom creations, instead of asking me if they can buy a new set. It made cleaning up the living room a lot more straightforward.

Edward Vielmetti celebrates all holidays in moderation. Reach him at edward.vielmetti@gmail.com.

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