City of Ann Arbor Citizen Request System: tracking trouble

It's hard to have great weird ideas when you're busy closing trouble tickets.

Use the City of Ann Arbor's Citizen Request System (A2CSR) to bring a matter of concern to the attention of the city.

Requests currently being tracked include the following; there is no complete list of citizen-initiated open tickets online, and URL used to link to requests exposes citizen electronic mail addresses.

207216 Potholes – very large ones – on the westbound approach to the East Stadium bridge over State Street. Open 3/23/2011.

207103 Sign on W side of 100 block of N Seventh St "W Huron St" is damaged. Sign is cracked and sign post is leaning. Appears to be a result of car vs. sign crash. Open 3/20/2011.

Edward Vielmetti takes blurry pictures for his weblog, Vacuum, which has been online since 1999. Contact him at


4 thoughts on “City of Ann Arbor Citizen Request System: tracking trouble

  1. Blake Weddel

    Hmm, seems it has more holes than a pothole, but then it really should not be about the system but the problem itself. What is materially being done to address this? I hope it doesn’t just end up like other potholes: bigger and deeper each passing day.

  2. Edward Vielmetti

    Blake – the ultimate answer to removing potholes from roads is to embrace the
    pothole as the natural order of things. Some places have taken roads and brought
    them back to gravel, with asphalt patching replaced by regrading as needed. Its
    also sensible at times to simply abandon the highway if it gets too bad, or
    if it gets so bad that its rebuilt, rebuild it narrower so there is less pavement
    to maintain.


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