Ann Arbor Farmers Market report, third Saturday in May 2011

Here's what some people have written about recently in their writings about the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, especially looking at produce that's at market, new vendors and old, how people are doing and checking the weather.

The one constant is that everyone seems to have gotten a lot of rain. Here's a map of the last 7 days of precipitation.

Picture 13Some notes:

Eggs: Grandma from Grandma's Kitchen brought 137 dozen eggs. Her tractor is still in the mud up to its axles.

Rhubarb: $3.50 for about 1.5 # from Wasem's Fruit Farm. Cynthia from Mother's Kitchen has this recipe for Stewed Rhubarb

I don't think I'll need any miracles today.   And if you are new to canning, you won't need any miracles either if give rhubarb a try.  Canning stewed rhubarb is ridiculously simple – all you need is rhubarb and sugar.  

Greens: It was the week for a bag of braising greens, knowing full well that greens needed to stay in the fridge a day or two before being eaten and thus the spinach was a bad choice.

Chocolate: Paul from Mindo Chocolates was there sampling some amazing freshly roasted chocolate.  


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