Autocomplete, letter A; as seen, somewhat edited, in my browser tonight

Note to self: if you are going to name a new site, think about when you autocomplete it what sites you're competing with for autocomplete space. 

AA – Ann Arbor District Library

AB – about:memory, Chrome diagnostic

AC – Accuweather for Ann Arbor 48104, city weather forecast

AD – Advertising Age, trade publication for the advertising industry

AE – (not used)

AF – (not used)

AG – (not used)

AH – (not used)

AI – Ailanthus altissima (Tree of heaven), in particular the Damn Arbor review of this invasive species 

AJ – Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia

AK – (not used)

AL – (fails to load)

AM – AM 1610, The Station, from Hamtramck Michigan.

AN – Ann Arbor Chronicle, online newspaper that focuses on civic affairs and local government coverage for Ann Arbor, Michigan.


AP – Steps application on Facebook, which loads via

AQ – (not used)

AR – Arborwiki, a local encyclopedia of information about the Ann Arbor area that anyone can edit.

AS –, a search engine

AT – ATT.NET, which redirects somehow to My Yahoo. The dream of the 90s is alive.

AU – (not used)

AV – AviationWeather.GOV – National Weather Service consolidated weather reporting for aviation use.

AW – Google search for AWK, a programming language that dates from Version 7 Unix (1977)

AX – (not used)

AY – (not used)

AZ – (not used) 


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